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The English programme started in 1976 with 12 students and a teaching staff of 4 whose breakdown is as follows: 1 Lecturer II and 3 Graduate Assistants.  A Professor and a staff of seven manned the programme in 1977. The pace of excellence was set right from the very beginning when the renowned teacher, Late Professor David Cook took charge of the programme.

Since after his tenure, we have had eleven other staff members who have headed the Department. It is important to note that at inception, the Department was named the Department of Modern European Languages (MEL) comprising of English and French programmes, with Professors Sam Adewoye, Tunde Ajiboye, Olu Obafemi, E. E. Adegbija and Dr. Bukoye Arowole succeeding as Heads of Departments. But when MEL was broken into English and French Departments in 2004, the two programmes started running in their respective academic structures. The English programme has been headed by Professors Charles Bodunde, V. A. Alabi, S. T. Babatunde, P. O. Balogun and Doctors G. A. Ajadi, M. S. Abdullahi-Idiagbon and Abdullahi S. Abubakar. These scholars have made immense contributions to bring the Department to an enviable level and most of them are still available to steer the course of the Department with valuable counsels and peerless intellectual contributions.  At present, there are twenty-five (25) lecturers made up of 5 Professors, 1 Reader, 9 Senior Lecturers, 2 Lecturer I, 1 Lecturer II status and 7 Assistant Lecturers. Many of these lecturers have won outstanding research fellowships, academic distinctions and honours in and outside Nigeria.